Exterior Home Services

All year long, the exterior of your home is exposed to elements that can cause damage, especially during Hurricane Season. Wind, heat, and humidity are just a fact of life in Naples, FL. Not only does this diminish the curb appeal of your home, exterior damage can also lead to expensive, budget-busting repairs. Resolve issues before they begin by providing regular maintenance to the exterior of your home.

Exterior Damage Repair

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

Disaster Prep & Cleanup

Exterior Damages

Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Repair

A vital element of home maintenance is gutter maintenance. The team at Personalized Home Services is prepared to clean and repair the gutters on your property. A gutter is needed to divert rain and the overflow of water from your roof to the gutter and down the downspout. If water is not flowing out of the downspout, that may be a sign it is time to have the gutters cleaned.

Natural Disaster Preparation

Rest assured that Personalized Home Services is prepared to secure your home against natural disasters, including, seasonal storms like hurricanes . Our comprehensive home security checklist will have you as well prepared as possible. From securing the outside of your home to appraising and acting with appropriate precautions – we have your safety as our first priority. The right preparation can reduce the worry and even help prevent storm damage to your home when the next storm blows into town.

What You Can Expect From Personalized Home Services Hurricane Preparation and Post-Storm Response?

If a Hurricane is approaching, our priority is preparing your home to eliminate or reduce damage. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property and develop a personalized plan designed for the specific needs of your property.
After the storm has passed and conditions are safe, we will perform an inspection of your property. Will provide you with a timely quote to repair any damage.

We offer professional handyman services, home improvements, pressure cleaning, and more.